Security; It starts with an agile and brave navy.

           Safter Safter 500 Sport polyester boat provides you this safety. You will feel the wind with the outboard marine engines that you will choose according to your request from the engine brands that we are solution partnership with. With a length of 500 cm, a width of 190 cm, a draft of 35 cm and weight of 350 kg, the 500 Sport fiber boat was designed for you with 45 years of Safter experience and assurance to safely fulfill its mission. The central command post helps provide clear vision and steering control for the driver. Passengers gain safe access to the boat via the telescopic ladder at the rear. You will enjoy being in the driver's seat in our 500 Sport model. It has an ergonomic rudder and an easily accessible throttle lever, electric anchor system. You will be able to lean back with the chrome sausage backrest at the back of the boat, and you will feel the comfort just like speed with the seating area and height-adjustable table in the front. By adjusting the height of the table in front, you can put a cushion on it and turn your sitting area into a sunbathing area where you can comfortably lie down while at cruise speed or anchored. Thanks to the seating area in front of the command post, you will be able to communicate with your guests face-to-face and accompany the conversation comfortably. You will be able to attach your awning when the engine is off, and even store the fish you catch in one (1) livar on the boat when you want to fish. You can safely store your personal belongings and mattresses in the storage areas on the boat in bad weather conditions.

          Safter Marin, one of the most known and preferred boat brands in Turkey and abroad; With its understanding of quality production and the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction, it serves the maritime industry from a different perspective. By combining our mission to make everyone living in our country and in the world a boat owner and our passion for the sea, we produce our special design boats designed by our expert teams with our quality workmanship, with a quality production approach, and we make our own to standard luxury. Using superior technology in the maritime sector; We meet the wishes and passions of our customers with the effort of our talented and experienced craftsmen, with our understanding of superior quality and service. With all the products we produce, we continue to produce products that will appeal to the tastes, wishes and passions of everyone who wants to spend time at sea. We add strength to the power of our boat models with the engine brands Tohatsu, Evinrude, Mercury, Honda and Suzuki, which are our solution partners.

Door Cabinet
Livar 1 Piece
Chrome Head Roller
Ramhorn 3 Pieces
Fiber Table (Table / Sunbathing)
U-Ring 3 Pieces
Chrome Handles
Chrome Engine Mounting Mirror
Upholstery / Cushion Set
Galvanized Anchor 6 kg + Rope 8 mm 50 m
Ski Tow Bar
Cushion Set
Tent Vinylex Buttress
Foldable Chrome Ladder
Telescopic Ladder Leisure
Fiber Table with Chrome Legs
Electrical Hardware Package
Shower Set (50 lt Water Tank/Hydrophore/Concealed Shower/Filling Cap)
Antifouling Paint
Park Canvas
Tent Sunbrella
Wood Flooring
Chrome Hot Dog Backrest
MP3 Player / Marine Speaker
Front Canopy - Sunbrella




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