Boat Show Tuzla 2015


Boat Show Eurasia Fair Viaport Boat Show in Tuzla

          Boat Show Eurasia Fair is the only choice of the sector and as Turkey's largest fair on the sea, it continues on its way side by side with the sector. Dilek Günaydın, Director of Fairs of Via Fairs, who spoke before the opening, said, “Last year, we hosted approximately 100 boats. This year, we have more than 150 boats, both on land and at sea. We exhibit boats ranging from 50 thousand lira to 50 million lira, from 5 meters to 50 meters. The difference of this fair from other fairs is that we exhibit catamarans at a land fair in Turkey.

          For the first time in the world, the sea and land fair are organized together. Boats up to 25 meters in length are exhibited on land, and boats larger than 25 meters in the sea. There are boats for every taste and every budget. You can find motor yachts, catamarans, sailboats, super yachts, speedboats, marine accessories, marine toys at our fair. Not only the boat but also the latest technology equipment and accessories will be waiting for you at this fair.